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19 December 2019

Paper on LCD and meta-analysis published

Our latest paper, Exploring meta-analysis for historical corpus linguistics based on linked data, has been published in the Journal of Research Design and Statistics in Linguistics and Communication Science.

12–16 May 2019

Javier Pérez-Guerra and Dolores González-Álvarez’s visit

Professor Javier Pérez-Guerra and Dr. Dolores González-Álvarez (University of Vigo) visited the team in preparation for a collaborative project on testing and expanding the LCD.

9 April 2019

Lesley Milroy’s visit

Professor Lesley Milroy (University of Michigan) visited the team to hear about our work, providing helpful feedback.

November–December 2018

Srishti Lal’s internship

Srishti Lal, an exchange student from Heidelberg University, worked as an intern in our project, retrieving and normalizing data from the LCD for the purpose of extending our meta-analysis to Early Modern English. Thank you, Srishti!

14–18 October 2018

Lieselotte Anderwald’s visit

Professor Lieselotte Anderwald visited the team in Helsinki to plan the future development of the database and her own research based on it. She also gave a guest lecture entitled “Empirical linguistics as an exercise in ‘mythbusting’? The case of AmE gotten”.

8–12 October 2018

Teresa Fanego’s visit

Professor Teresa Fanego visited the team in Helsinki to hear about the latest developments concerning the database, providing valuable feedback. She also gave a guest lecture entitled “Constructional competition: The development of English motion patterns from Old English times to the present”.

27 August 2018


Terttu Nevalainen, Turo Vartiainen and Tanja Säily (in collaboration with Aatu Liimatta and Jefrey Lijffijt) gave a presentation entitled “History of English as punctuated equilibria?” at the ICEHL 20 conference in Edinburgh.

17 July 2018


Terttu Nevalainen gave a presentation (co-authored with Tanja Säily, Turo Vartiainen and Joonas Kesäniemi) entitled “Meta-analysis for historical corpus linguistics using the Language Change Database” at the ISLE 5 conference in London.

4–9 June 2018

Jefrey Lijffijt’s visit

Project collaborator Jefrey Lijffijt visited the team in Helsinki to work on a meta-analysis of the rate of change in Middle English using the Language Change Database.

31 May 2018

Publishing the LCD at ICAME 39

Our poster announcing the publication of the LCD search interface won an honourable mention at the ICAME 39 conference in Tampere, Finland.

15 May 2018

2nd LCD project course successfully completed

The students of the advanced study module used the LCD this spring to conduct small-scale meta-analyses of change in the Late Middle English period. We would like to thank the attendees, who worked hard and learned a lot!

29 March 2018

Paper on LCD and LADA published

Our latest paper, Open science for English historical corpus linguistics: Introducing the Language Change Database, has been published in the Proceedings of DHN 2018.

8 March 2018

LCD at DHN 2018

Joonas Kesäniemi and Turo Vartiainen gave a presentation on the LCD at the DHN 2018 conference in Helsinki.

16 January 2018

Annual report, 2016–2017

The second annual report of the Reassessing Language Change project has been published, with an overview of our activities over the past two years.

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