Language Change Database (LCD) is an upcoming, fully searchable online resource for scholars and students of English. The goal of the LCD is to make diachronic linguistic research more cumulative by providing access to the results of a large number of articles that document how the English language has changed in the course of its history. The database includes rich metadata, and it can be queried using a wide range of search parameters, such as time period, dialect, genre, social class, and grammatical category. All database entries include a verbal summary of the article's main results as well as numerical data in tabular format.

The LCD search interface has now been published – please give us your feedback!

LCD is part of the e-resources of VARIENG, the Research Unit for the Study of Variation, Contacts and Change in English. The database is compiled in international collaboration by the research project "Reassessing Language Change: The Challenge of Real Time", funded by the Academy of Finland.