The Language Change Database (LCD) is developed at the University of Helsinki by the members of the project ‘Reassessing language change: the challenge of real time’. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland and led by Professor Terttu Nevalainen. The team members include Tanja Säily (postdoctoral researcher), Turo Vartiainen (postdoctoral researcher), Aatu Liimatta (doctoral student), and Agata Dominowska & Peppi Santaniemi (research assistants).

The database is developed in close collaboration with Joonas Kesäniemi from the Helsinki University Library, and the project’s collaborating scholars include Dr Jefrey Lijffijt (Ghent University), Professor Jukka Suomela (Aalto University), and Professor Peter Trudgill (University of Fribourg).

The project gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the students involved in two English Philology Project Work courses held at the University of Helsinki in 2015 and 2018, and of the group of students who drafted database entries on a freelance basis. Many thanks also to our previous research assistant, Emily Öhman, our intern Srishti Lal, and to Kimmo Koskinen from the Helsinki University Library.

Students who participated in the 'Project Work in English Philology' course held in spring 2015, along with Terttu Nevalainen and Agata Dominowska (second and third in the front row). Photo by Tanja Säily.